PURESPHERE powders are offered in standard and custom made alloys

Copper Cu, CuSn and other Copper alloys
Nickel Alloys Ni625
Cobat Alloys CoCr ASTM F75, Co1, Co6, Co21, Co12, CoCrMo Dental Alloy
Stainless Steels 304L, 316L, 410, 420

Starting from 15 µm, all particle size and distributions are offered according to customer and process requirement.


Standard 5 and 10 Kg hermetic seal plastic packages.


With our experience of more than 35 years in metal powder production you can take advantage of:

● With our advanced gas atomising technology we offer powders for optimized and consistent builts.

  • - Spherical, satellite-free
  • - Constant quality
  • - Highest purity

● higher level of quality Reduction in defects and porosities with an increase in strength and performance

● Wide range of products Many common and eve tailor made alloys possible thanks to our powerful atomization experience

● Certified powders Our production is certified with:

  • - ISO 9001
  • - ITAF 16949
  • - IS 13485
  • - CE for dental alloy powder

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